'Words With Friends' Game Might Just Be the New Match.com

words with friends on an iphoneThese days, meeting your soul mate online is nothing new. Meeting them through a game of Scrabble on your iPhone is ... but probably not for long. As I'm sure you're likely well-aware --  because you, like all your Facebook friends, are addicted -- Words With Friends is HUGE right now. When John Mayer called it the "new Twitter," a lot of people scoffed, but he was so right! With 14.9 million monthly active users, it may even be on its way to becoming BIGGER than Twitter. Especially once word gets out that it's the latest way technology is hooking singles up.

Just look at Megan Lawless and Jasper Jasperse (crazy name, huh?!). These two kiddos became one another's random opponent while playing Words With Friends in 2009. They began chatting, emailing, Skyping, and eventually met up ... fell in love ... got engaged! This past summer, they got married! Awww. I think we can safely say these two BOTH feel like they got the high score out of their game. (Tee hee.)


How much ya wanna bet Lawless and Jasperse are about to set a major trend? Or just shine light on one that's been on the rise for a while? It's actually really cool to think of people meeting up in this way, as opposed to the now more conventional dating sites. On WWF, you're actually starting out by having a "meeting of the minds," if you will, as opposed to being distracted by a wonky photo or bad profile headline. The only drawback I could see is creepers thinking their next "random opponent" is definitely their next date. (But how many weirdos are going to prowl WWF like that?)

Mostly, Lawless and Jasperse's cute story goes to show that WWF has no limits, no bounds! The app is primed to be something we all do all the time, just part of our everyday lives -- like Facebook, texting, emailing, talking to our voice-commanded assistants on our smartphones. If we end up meeting the love our life on there, even better!

Do you play Words With Friends? What do you think about people using it as a matchmaking site?

Image via Incase/Flickr

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