Chad Ochocinco & Evelyn Lozada's Wedding on Hold Due to Cheating Rumors

Chad OchocincoDear readers, prepare yourselves for the biggest shock of your lives: Evelyn Lozada, star of Basketball Wives (she was once engaged to NBA player Antoine Walker), has reportedly put her wedding to New England Patriots receiver Chad Ochocinco on hold due to ... cheating allegations. Lozada hasn't "officially" called off the wedding yet, but it's really only a matter of time at this point. Are you shocked? Yeah, me neither ...

Apparently Lozada confronted #85 about his cheating and he wasn't able to convince her that he was being faithful. Who knows if there were lewd text messages or emails involved. At this point, anything could get "leaked" to the press to garner a bit more publicity -- though that would be entirely too ironic due to the recent praise of his use of social media. Still, if Chad loses Evelyn as a result of his cheating, he'll be losing far more than just his future wife.


The show-boating wide receiver also may be losing yet another trashy reality TV opportunity, as he's known for trying to get famous in any way possible. Previously, he was a contestant on Dancing With the Stars, had a segment on Sports Soup called "Child, Please," was on his own VH1 reality show called Ochocinco: The Ultimate Catch, and appeared as a guest host on WWE Monday Night Raw.

The next step on his stellar résumé was to star on a reality show with Lozada. They were supposed to begin shooting in three weeks, featuring the months leading up to the wedding. That, naturally, is on pause as well. This could be a big blow to Chad, as it seems he loves getting his name out there on social media and TV as much as his football career. Nowadays, however, he's more popular for his antics than he is for his athleticism.

There are lots of other sports stars out there who have lost more than their significant others due to cheating. Like Tiger Woods, who lost wife Elin Nordegren, plus his reputation, endorsements, and apparently his skill, as well as Tiki Barber, who cheated on his pregnant-with-twins wife and was dropped from the Today show and couldn't find a job in the NFL. No matter, so many athletes who cheat still feel entitled and deluded enough to believe they can get away with anything; sometimes it's nice to see when they actually do have to pay the unforeseen consequences of their egomaniacal decisions.

Why do you think there are so many cheating athletes in sports? Are you surprised this wedding was called off?

Image via Jeff Kern/Flickr

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