Man Who Showed iPad Instead of Passport Is Completely Delusional

ipad and iphoneOver the holidays, a Canadian dude, Martin Reisch, was trying to get into the United States, but he had a slight problem -- he forgot his stupid passport. No worry, though, eh. Reisch got into the good ol' U.S. of A. via his iPad and a scanned image of his passport. Welcome to the future, my friends.

Except not. A U.S. Customs spokesperson said after the incident that scanned and/or digital copies of documents are not considered valid forms of ID. So, how the hell did Reisch's Maple Leaf-loving ass make its way into our fine country?


Easy. He had his license as well as his birth certificate with him. He's also a regular traveler to the U.S., and border agents are allowed to use "discretion" in cases like his. Also, word on the street is, Reisch's story and the customs agent's don't exactly gel. So, bottom line: His iPad scan of a passport didn't hurt, but it's not what got him into the country. So it's not the future. It's only the present.

To be honest, I really don't think scanned copies of legal documents such as passports should be allowed. I mean, jeez, we're not allowed to bring regular-sized bottles of Pantene on planes, and we're forced to walk across airport floors in socks -- if we're going to err on the side of caution, let's do so with passports. Allowing for scanned copies seems like it would make it awfully easy to cheat the system.

Also, passports are small. And cute. They're not intrusive to carry. And whose heart doesn't skip a beat when they gain a new stamp? It's one of life's little pleasures. Don't ever take that away from us, America. We'll gladly live in the present, or even the past, for that.

Do you think scanned copies of passports should be allowed?


Image via Yutaka Tsutano/Flickr

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