Peeping Tom Apps Make the World a Whole Lot Creepier

camera phone pictureHave you ever been sitting on a train or at a restaurant, and someone near you (usually a dude) is holding their phone what appears to be toward you? And then have you, for a split second, thought, "Is this pervert taking a photo of me?" And then have you "come to your senses" and concluded that he's probably just texting a friend or playing Bejeweled, you vain thing, you? Well, turns out your initial thought may have been right. 'Cause, guess what ladies? There are actually Peeping Tom apps. Yay, technology.


The apps, which, so far, are being predominantly used in Japan, mute the sound of the camera click, and make it appear that the user (AKA Merv the Perv) is innocently checking an email or sending a text message to his dear Aunt Ida when really -- he's doing something salacious and dirty and disgusting.

First off, not to be an enabler here, but are "apps" really necessary for this type of thing? Can't sickos across the globe just put their phones on silent and pretend to be doing something other than taking illicit upskirt photos?

Second off, gross. What is the world coming to? Isn't there enough porn on the Internet to satiate people's needs? Are creepy photos of "real people" necessary, too? Blech. The whole thing gives me the willies and makes me never want to be around a person with a cellphone again. But that doesn't seem very feasible, now does it?

How creepy is this?


Image via Keng Susumpow/Flickr

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