Derek Jeter Likes Minka Kelly Again -- Now That She's a Fallen 'Angel'

derek jeterI'll give Derek Jeter and Minka Kelly this much: If you're looking to rekindle a romance, Paris is definitely the place to do it! Yes, if recent photos of Jeter and Kelly making out in the City of Lights are any indication, it would appear that the baseball demi-god and his Angel are back together again.

Unless, of course, their fling en francais was nothing more than a hook-up for old time's sake.

In which case, I certainly hope the Yankee had the decency to leave Kelly with one of his trademark "I Hit a Home Run With Derek Jeter" gift baskets.


So, are they an item again, like, for real? To answer that question, perhaps we need to examine the reasons behind the couple's initial split back in August.

Supposedly the parting of ways was amicable (aren't they always?), but that's all we know -- officially. Rumor has it that Jeter broke things off because Kelly's star was rising a little too high for his tastes; apparently he was uncomfortable with all the added attention their relationship was getting as a result of Kelly's fame. Remember, when the two got together in the first place, Kelly was just that girl from Friday Night Lights -- when they called it quits, she was on the verge of hitting it big with the highly anticipated revamp of Charlie's Angels. (May it rest in peace.)

Hmm, could it be that Jeter took Kelly back because she's not the next big thing anymore? As far as I can tell, Kelly doesn't have any huge, career-making projects in the works ... except maybe for becoming Mrs. Derek Jeter.

Do you think Derek Jeter and Minka Kelly are really back together?


Image via Keith Allison/Flickr

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