Half-Naked David Beckham Is Selling More Than Underwear (PHOTO)

David Beckham bodywearIt's like Christmas all over again in the soccer universe this week. David Beckham has decided to stick with his team in the states! Well, that, and he's sharing his half naked body with the world to promote his new underwear line for H&M.

Soooo, which one are you celebrating today? Come on, that time clock is ticking ... Don't be shy!


You care about his underwear line more, don't you? Yup, me too.

Really, it's lovely that the nearly 37-year-old footballer has decided that moving his whole family to France so he can play for Paris Saint-Germain is a little much to ask after dragging them from England to Spain and then all the way to Los Angeles. I'm glad for the sakes of Cruz, Romeo, Brooklyn, and little Harper that they can stick to sunny California and watching daddy boot the ball for the LA Galaxy.

Heck, if the Galaxy agree to re-sign the midfielder (which is pretty darn likely), I may be able to see him in action again when they play the Red Bulls here in the NY Metro area. Score!

But I've said it before, and I'll say it again. The reason Golden Balls has had a job with the Galaxy isn't really because of the way he bends the ball. It's his marketability to get people into the stadium. Remember, this is the guy who was lured across the pond with the promise that he could be like the Pied Piper of soccer, drawing all us stupid Americans to the pitch, where we'd fall head over heels for the game where you actually use your feet to move a "football" around.

It's behooves him to keep us all interested in HIM so he can keep selling the sport.

Which is exactly why we'll be queuing up come February to buy our lads a pair of tighty whiteys with David's name on the label. Because we're: A. hoping that stores will have a life-size version of the half-nekkid Beckham ads and B. hoping putting our guys in those undies will transform them into what we see in those half-nekkid Beckham ads. If they can kick a goal while wearing them, all the better!


Image via H&M

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