Dumb Green Bay Packers Fan Runs on Field and Meets Hilarious Fate (VIDEO)

Green Bay Packers fanFolks, if you are making a New Year's resolution to make a big splash on national TV some time in 2012, you might want to do yourself a favor. Sit down for a few minutes to watch this video of Brad Jones and a stupid fan from the New Year's Day football game between the Green Bay Packers and the Detroit Lions. You might just reconsider your plans.

See, the 15-year-old fan who ran out onto Lambeau Field to get his taste of 15 seconds of fame apparently got a wee bit more than he bargained for when he was grabbed by the Packers' Jones instead of the cops:


Ouch! That had to hurt. But then, I have to admit I laughed. Because I'm not exactly sure what this kid expected. He ran onto a football field ... where people are actually paid millions of dollars to run down and TACKLE PEOPLE! Duh?

You know what they say about location, location, location? You could pick a much better one for your illegal run into the history books than a football field.

Jones is a Packers linebacker who just so happens to weigh 242 pounds and tops out at 6'3". Getting taken down by him had to feel like being hit by a train, but the kid probably got lucky. Of all the guys on the field, I'd rather get taken down by an outside linebacker than, say, a nose tackle. Jones' teammate Howard Green, who plays in that position, weighs closer to 340 pounds. That would be a double ouch.

Folks, there is a lesson to be learned in all of this, I promise. If you feel the need for this kind of thrill in 2012, at least wait for baseball season. The average MLB player is only about 190 pounds ... and they're trained to catch balls, not people.


Image via akahodag/Flickr

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