Tim Tebow Would Be a Great (Yet Terrible) Neighbor

Tim Tebow

Who would be the perfect celebrity neighbor? Ever thought about it? Well, this question was recently answered by Zillow.com's annual "Celebrity Neighbor Survey," which discovered that 11 percent of respondents would want to live next to Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow (followed by Angie & Brad at 10 percent, and Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux at 9 percent). Wow, go Tim!

What do I think? I think Tim Tebow would make both an excellent as well as a terrible neighbor. Let me break down the reasons why.


Reasons Tim Tebow Would Be a Great Neighbor:

1.) Tim Tebow could do the impossible and take his team all the way to the Super Bowl. Living next door to that little chunk of sports history would surely get any NFL fan excited. You could sell tickets for tailgate parties in your driveway.

2.) If you and Tim are tight, you could have an unlimited supply of Jesus jerseys, something I'm sure you've always wanted to own.

3.) Maybe one day you could meet world-famous skier Lindsey Vonn and find out once and for all if the she and Tim are dating.

4.) Tim could inspire you to homeschool your kids. Then you could wander next door and knock on Tebow's door if you need any tips or have any questions.. His mom is certainly an expert! You can call her -- together.

5.) Mr. Tebow is definitely not terrible to look at. Working out, getting a tan by the pool, practicing in the yard ... constantly peeking over that fence could turn into good fun.

Reasons Tim Tebow Would Be a Terrible Neighbor:

1.) There would be a whole bunch of people running around trying to perfect their "Tebowing" pose. I'm sure sooner or later, it's going to get pretty annoying.

2.) Some NFL fans dislike Tebow a whole heck of a lot. You might have to be prepared for some not-so-nice graffiti messages and fans standing outside in protest as Tebow finds his way around the NFL.

3.) If you're pro-choice and not afraid to show it, you most likely haven't forgotten about Tim's pro-life ads and wouldn't be able to pass him in the street without initiating a debate.

4.) Even though he's a looker, there's always the chance that Tebow would go back to sporting this haircut again. Images of Friar Tuck would not stop dancing through your head.

5.) Everyone -- including sports analysts, paparazzi, those who love or hate his stance on religion, those who love or hate his stance on politics, celebrity writers, journalists, etc. -- seems to be drawn to the power of Tebow; they just can't leave the guy alone. Say farewell to your privacy.

No wonder 42 percent of respondents said they wouldn't want a celebrity neighbor at all.

Would you want to live next to Tim Tebow? Are you surprised he's the neighbor people want?

Image via Broken Sphere/Wikimedia Commons

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