Hating on Kris Humphries Is Good for His Game

kris humphriesWho would've guessed? Apparently Kris Humphries is more than just a reality TV refugee. Believe it or not, it seems Humphries might just have some athletic ability. No, it's true! Like, he might actually be a halfway decent basketball player!

I know, right? I'm as shocked as you are. But Humphries scored big time for the Nets during Monday's season opener, leading them to an unexpected 90-84 victory over the Wizards after rejoining the team less than a week ago.

Looks like we may have solved the mystery of what motivates Kris Humphries once and for all ...


Trash talk! Nasty gossip! "Relentless" booing!

Humphries is clearly one of those athletes -- one of those people -- who gets truly fired up when trying to prove people wrong.

He said as much himself, when asked about how the Kardashian fallout affects him as a player:

“People were talking crazy last year. There might be a little bit more this year, but to me, it’s motivation. People are yelling at you, you know you have to go and perform, go and play hard."

Well, how 'bout that? All Humphries needed was a bunch of angry people hollering at him.

He continued:

“They want to have a reason to say something, so you have to try to not give them that reason. For me, it makes it a hostile environment and it’s kind of fun to play in that environment.”

So that's the way he likes it. Interesting, no? If this keeps up he might just go from being the NBA's most disliked player to MVP!

Do you think Kris Humphries is going to have a good season?


Image via Keith Allison/Flickr

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