Outrageous Twitter Gift Complaints Show We're All Spoiled Brats

TwitterOn Christmas Day, I was over at Grandma's house enjoying a glass too many of eggnog, eating a bajillion Christmas cookies, and opening gifts with the family. Jon Hendren, known to his Twitter followers as @fart, spent his holiday retweeting people across America who didn't get exactly what they wanted from Santa. Let me tell you: I'm thankful he did. These bratty tweets are hilarious!

No, the tweeters weren't upset over a pair of boots or some mittens. The big Christmas dilemma: Apple products. From the "Wanted a white iPad, NOT the black one *sigh*" tweet to the "No iPhone. I hate my dad," complainer, everyone had something to say about the iPresents they didn't or did receive.

It's hilarious to see think about how absolutely tech spoiled we have become as a nation. However, I have a confession: I was one of these people just last year. The only difference? I didn't tweet about it.


I was beyond ecstatic when I opened up my iPad last year on my birthday. I hadn't been expecting it, at all, and was completely blindsided. After the hype died down, I realized exactly what it was I was holding in my hands: A white iPad, without 3G.

It wasn't that I didn't love it. I really did. I just knew that for what I would want to use it for, entertainment during my long commute, this particular pad wasn't very practical. I understood how expensive the device was, and told the person who gave it to me that I wanted to use it as much as possible, I'd need to exchange it. I felt horrible, and I was thankful for the gift nevertheless.

It seems that's these Christmas tweeters are anything but thankful. Seriously, who says things like this:

@eberleinmbhtn4: My mom thinks it's funny that I'm yelling at her that she didn't get me an iPhone ... f!@* you.

This one seems downright pathetic:

@m_ledoo: If my mom got me the wrong color iPod touch, all hell's breaking loose.

And this one: Angry much?

@SeanMcmaster1: My parents are the worst mother f@*!ing parents in the world f@&! you mom and dad for not getting me an iPhone. F!*@ YOU. FML. #iPhone

Christmas should be a time for celebration and family, instead of gloom, and it definitely shouldn't involve death threats over the wrong color device. Come on, people! There ARE so many worse things! 

The bottom line here is that yes, electronics are a popular gift, but they are definitely a hard one to give. These days, there are so many ways to customize everything from iPods to MacBook Airs, that it's better to let your desire recipient buy it themselves with a gift card so they can pick out the specifics. Less of a hassle for both the gift giver, the receiver, and also, the store!

What do you think about these Christmas complainers?


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