Packers Fan Gets Ultimate Revenge on Cheating Boyfriend (VIDEO)

Packers Fan Cheating BoyfriendAll across the land this past weekend, there were people dipping their hands into Christmas stockings and coming up with tickets to see their favorite sports team, up close and personal at a game! And then there is the one Green Bay Packers fan who made the epic mistake of cheating on his girlfriend just before the holiday. The spurned woman did exactly what any self-respecting fan would do.


She opted to go to the game against the Chicago Bears without him. And when the cameras weren't focused on quarterback Aaron Rodgers making the discount double check work for him, they caught her bragging about it in the stands. Holding a sign that reads "My Cheating Ex Boyfriend Is Watching From Couch Instead," the girl identified as Annie Walker told us all two things.

Number one, of course, is she isn't one of those girls who just lets a guy get away with fooling around. Let that be a lesson to you ladies and gentleman: cheaters never win. And this one has lost the respect of pretty much everyone who has seen this clip played ad infinitum since the Packers kicked the Bears' behind on national TV (here's betting his whole family has seen it by now, and probably at least a few of the other ladies he knows).

Number two, on the other hand, is a lesson for all sports fans: nothing stands between you and a ticket to see your favorite team live. You get that? NOTHING. Not a little cold (what's below freezing for a Packers fan? Pshaw). Not the crowds. And certainly not some cheating piece of horse poo who broke your heart. Like the Goonies, true fans never say die! Not to mention Walker totally showed the creep that he can't ruin her good time at the Packers game!

Would you go to a game alone if you had the tickets?


Image via Mediaite

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