Brilliant iPad App Outsmarts Burglar & Saves Christmas

find my ipadIn all the various retrospectives of 2011, remembering Steve Jobs and all of his amazing accomplishments is a common theme. His iPads and iPhones have made their way into even more hands over the holidays, but now, we know we can credit his products with actually saving Christmas this year!

See, a 20-year-old guy named Patrick Krewson, who seems to fancy himself something of a Wet Bandit (a la Home Alone), broke into a Los Angeles-area home on Christmas eve and stole the family's gifts, including an iPad. The family called the cops, and they initially couldn't find any leads ... until the victim called the police department to say that tracking software on the iPad indicated it was only a few doors away. Yup, if you're a victim of electronics burglary, there's an app for that: Find My iPad, which saved Christmas Day for this family ... and another family!


When the cops tracked down the kid who had stolen the first family's gifts and gadgets, they linked him to another burglary of Christmas gifts on December 22 and were able to retrieve two flat-screen TVs, a laptop, and more than 40 presents intended for children, according to the sheriff's department. WOW!

When the second family was notified that their Christmas presents had been located in time to gift them to the kids for the holiday, the mom started to cry. Awww ... geeze, I'm tearing up, too! And this is all thanks to the iPad.

It's amazing that criminals like Krewson are now being made to look like total fools, thanks to the intuitiveness of Apple's apps. Now, it seems pretty much impossible for iPad and iPhone owners to become victims of theft. And in a case like this, where kids' happiness on the holidays was at stake, it's even more reassuring for technology to come to the rescue. Hopefully, guys like Krewson learn their lesson and learn it fast -- stealing from kids at holiday time is as heartless as it gets, but trying to steal their iPad is just plain stupid!

Would you or do you use the "Find My iPad/iPhone" app?

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