Drinking Eggnog Like Gatorade Is a Really, Really Bad Idea (VIDEO)

eggnog challengeEggnog is one of those things: Either you love it or you hate it. (Just today both of my kids discovered they're in the latter category.) The way you feel about it will probably determine the severity of your reaction to this video. 

Of course, either way this footage will shock and horrify you.

Yes, it will make your jaw drop and your stomach flip whether you're one of those people who could drink eggnog all year round or you're the type that dreads having to see the stuff on grocery store shelves every December.

Because no matter what side of the festive beverage fence you're standing on, I think we can all agree that eggnog should never, ever replace something like Gatorade.

Probably not even during a light workout session, but most definitely not during, say, a marathon.

Guess that's why they call it The Eggnog Challenge ...


Oh, the humanity! You'd think this was a Fear Factor stunt or innovative form of political torture, but no -- over 40 people gathered in Provo, Utah, to take part in this event of their own free will.

Perhaps they lost a bet? Perhaps they have deep, deep-seated feelings of self-loathing that can only be purged (ha!) by a good old Run n' Ralph.

I don't know. I'll never know. And I'll probably never watch this video again, but it's something you should experience at least once:

DId this video make you like eggnog less? Or hate it even more?


Image via YouTube

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