Nervous Boyfriend's Internet Meme Proposal Is Dorky, But Adorable (VIDEO)

internet meme proposalInternet memes: Do you know what those are? My guess is you don't think you do, but in actuality ... you do. Memes are simply photos, videos, or phrases floating around the web that are funny or awww-worthy. Because they are, many of us send them to our friends and family to make 'em smile. Think LOLcats (I die.) or every single photo of the cutest Pomeranian pup ever, Boo.

Whether you're a fan of Internet memes or not, I have no doubt that you're a fan of mushy adorable marriage proposals. Right? Right.

Thus I present you with Tim's proposal to his girlfriend Audrey, complete with loads of Internet memes galore. If this isn't a sign that we live in a techy world, then I don't know what is.

Be prepared to gush:


Seriously, I blush just looking at Tim. He's so excited to be proposing to his lady, and I don't think he even realizes how fun and inventive his way of doing so is. What makes this even more cutesy is that both Audrey and Tim wrote about this on their personal blogs. Can you say a match in bloggie heaven?

While the proposal is cute, it's a little geeky for my taste. If my future hubbie was going to do something techy, I'd so much rather have my own website, like this couple, or some sort of viral flash mob video. To each his own, right?

Sometimes, it's bananas to think about how far technology has come. Proposals used to be something special between just two people. Now every day there are loads of 'em uploaded onto YouTube to share with the entire world, many of which turn viral like Tim's. Can't say I hate it! In fact, I think it's a really fun way to look back on how happy the lucky lady was during the once-in-a-lifetime moment.

What do you think of Tim's proposal?


Image via Vimeo

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