NBA Player Helps to Make 2011 the 'Year of Texting Pics of Your Private Parts'

basketball hoopCan someone get Golden State Warriors guard Monta Ellis a subscription to a newspaper, stat? The NBA star is facing sexual harassment charges today, but something tells me he could have avoided this whole mess if he'd bothered to follow the news. Does the name Brett Favre ring any bells? How about former Congressman Anthony Weiner (emphasis on former)?

That's right, Ellis, the star and captain of the Warriors is in hot water for allegedly sending unsolicited pictures of his genitals to Erika Ross Smith, a former member of the team's staff. Because that worked out so well for those other newsmakers?


Let's recap: Favre was outed as a philanderer when it came out that he'd been sending pictures of his member to Jenn Sterger, a sideline reporter. His refusal to cooperate with the NFL as they investigated the whole sexting scandal earned him a cool $50,000 fine, and no team has shown much interest in letting him come back out of retirement (again) for them. He's just not a popular guy.

And all that mess happened in late 2010, before Ellis allegedly began his flurry of sexts to Ross Smith, which ran from November 2010 through January while she was working in the community relations department for the Warriors. She claims that she always responded to his emails with brush-offs such as "I'm sleeping."

Sounds like a clear hint to me, but if that wasn't enough, didn't the next mega huge penis picture scandal to pop up in the news this year give Monta pause? Seeing Congressman Anthony Weiner, one-time super champion of women everywhere have to actually give up his seat, should have hammered home the message that no one wants to get a picture of a man's junk. They're just not pretty. Period.

It should have sent this dude running for Ross Smith with some major mea culpas. Instead Ellis and the team are holding to the story that it was a consensual relationship. And hey, maybe it was. We won't know until this lawsuit winds its way through the courts.

But maybe this case will finally force guys to keep their pants on when they're using their phone? They do say the third time's the charm. . .


Image via laffy4yk/Flickr

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