Justin Bieber Gets Even Cooler Playing Ice Hockey (VIDEO)

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber reminded us what team he plays for yesterday when he hit the ice with his favorite NHL team, the Toronto Maple Leafs. No not THAT team. Team Canada! In case any of us forgot, Bieber was born and raised a Canuck. As most anyone knows, kids who grow up in Canada are wearing skates before their first pair of Robeez, and Bieber was clearly no exception judging by his ease on blades and the way he moved the puck down the ice.

His one bad move was that he did not wear a helmet, because that would not have been cool, and he didn't want to cover up that famous swath of hair. But he did make (but missed) a pretty decent wrist shot on the goaltender.


It was nice to see Bieber doing something strong and sweaty instead of pushing shopping carts around department stories or lounging on beach chairs. One starts to get the image of him being all lazy and pampered and Kardashian after a while, and that's not what we want for our favorite pop idol. Skating with those big and powerful NHL stars kinda makes you see him in a new more manly light. And the quest for world domination by The Biebs continues.


Even though Bieber didn't score a goal, perhaps this cameo is all part of his master plan to prove to everyone that he's good -- or at okay -- at all sports. Remember when he played last year in the celebrity game during the NBA all-star weekend? He was named MVP for that game (though if that were more for his fans as opposed to actual talent is pretty obvious still up for debate).

Check out some footage of Bieber playing with the Leafs, failing to score a goal, as well as his arrival at Massey Hall before a concert carrying his little sister, causing tween girls all around Canada to shriek and scream and faint and become eternally confused about loving him more for his athletic prowess, philanthropic heart, singing and dancing talents, or his coif.

What do you think of Justin Bieber's hockey playing day in Toronto?


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