Kris Humphries Gets No Love -- From Kim Kardashian or the NBA

kris humphriesOkay, all together now: Awwww. That's right, poor Kris Humphries. What kind of a world we livin' in when a man can't get no love from his woman, no love from his brothers? I'll tell you what kind of world. A world gone krazy!

So, apparently everybody got together and voted on the most disliked player in the NBA this year. And ... surprise!

Guess which Nets forward won??

Yep. That Humphries is on a losing streak. And it's worse than you think. The most shocking part of the whole "most disliked player" thing?

He beat out LeBron James.


That's a significant amount of dislike right there. (50% of the people surveyed, in fact.) Sheesh, you might be thinking -- he's not that bad. But the ill will makes sense.

Think of it this way: Kris Humphries is out there hogging all the NBA spotlight, and for what? Not playing ball. Not reading to the blind or feeding shelter animals. Nope, Humphries is getting the lion's share of attention for being a groupie, essentially.

In the beginning, my reaction to the arrival of Humphries on the Kardashian scene was along the lines of "Oh, the poor dumb sap. This kid doesn't know what he's signing up for." But the more I saw of Humphries as a "married man," the less pity I felt for him. In the most recent episode of Kourtney & Kim Take New York, Humphries was sleazier than Scott Disick! I actually liked Scott Disick for a little while there, that's how good Kris Humphries made him look.

It's a shame, because Humphries is young and talented and of course, very tall. But he's on the road to personal life-related infamy, not sports-related fame.

Do you think Kris Humphries has a shot at rescuing his career before it's too late?

Image via Bryan Horowitz/Flickr

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