Model Kate Upton Is Too Hot for Mark Sanchez’s Game

Mark SanchezIt's tough to think of a more scrutinized job in sports than being a professional quarterback in a market like New York City. So it's kind of no wonder that Mark Sanchez, the 25-year-old QB for the New York Jets, tends to cope with his off-field stress by hooking up with some extremely beautiful ladies. The latest notch on his bedpost? Rumor has it that Sanchez (who's been linked to Kristen Cavallari, Jamie Lynn Sigler, a 17-year-old, and Hayden Panettiere, just to name a few) is currently getting it on with dating ridiculously hot underwear model Kate Upton.

How this new hottie has been affecting his play, though, is a whole different story. That's right. No wonder the Jets lost 45-19 against the Philadelphia Eagles last week. Let's blame it on the fact that Sanchez's head was clouded by his lust for his new curvy, blonde babe.


Seems that Sanchez has been visiting Kate's Flatiron apartment, hiding "under a woolly hat" (sure, like that's gonna help). He's been spotted there after games or before practices, or as late as midnight for what seems to be a rigorous late-night workout. But they haven't been spotted together. A source told the New York Post: "They never come in together. He’s always five steps after her."

Hooo boy ... late-night comings and goings with a Victoria's Secret model (and reportedly she's not the only one he's doing this with), sneaking in and out of her apartment to avoid the press, making plans to visit her before and after games and practices, all with only three regular season NFL games to go, you know, when teams need to play their best to get to the playoffs.

Ah, the sneaky wiles of VS underwear models and the lack of willpower of the men around them ... One would hope Sanchez, who's getting paid up to $60 million throughout his five-year contract, could at least keep it in his pants, rest up when he's not practicing, and concentrate on his job during these last few weeks. Not getting enough sleep (or any at all, as seems to be his case) could throw off his play and his concentration. The Super Bowl is on February 5 ... if the Jets even make it that far, which, from watching them last week, no way in hell that's happening. Once they're out of the running, then he can have as many late night hookups with Victoria's Secret models as he'd like.

Hasn't Kate Upton learned anything from Jessica Simpson? I'm pretty sure Dallas Cowboys fans still haven't forgiven her for throwing off Tony Romo's game.

Do you think Mark Sanchez sneaking around with Kate Upton has anything to do with the Jets' loss last week?


Image via Ed Yourdon/Wikimedia Commons

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