All Your Texts & Status Updates Are a Bunch of Lies!

textingA new study that comes to us from some business school in British Columbia found that people are more likely to lie via text message than when they're face-to-face. They also discovered that unicorns and Pegasuses do not, in fact, exist, as we otherwise thought. 

Obviously people lie more over text messages! It's much easier that way. You don't have to see the person you're lying to face-to-face (I.E., they don't see all your tells). And you have time to pull something out of your ass -- something semi-good, as opposed to the nonsense you'd most likely spew if you were put on the spot.

The study I'd like to see is how much technology in general -- phones, the Internet -- has turned us all into big, fat, lying pieces of crap.


I feel like lies people tell -- however little they may be -- through their phones pale in comparison to the lies people tell through social media. Take Facebook, for instance. Do you think the person who posted a status update about how amazing and fun her day of doing nothing was really had that much fun? Everything is exaggerated -- mainly the good things. Studies have been done on this, also. Researchers have found that there are people who actually suffer from "Facebook Envy" because of all the "amazing" status updates and photos people are posting.

And even our photos are lies. All it takes to make your skin look clearer or your thighs look thinner is the click of a button, thanks to programs like Photoshop and iPhoto. We're not even being honest about what we look like!

It's sad, but it's the world we live in. Technology has allowed us all to present bigger, better, more attractive versions of ourselves online. I'm guessing a lot of the lies told through texts are from people trying to get out of actual face-to-face plans.

Do you think people lie more with technology?


Image via jhaymesiviphotography/Flickr

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