Tough Girl Rooney Mara of 'Dragon Tattoo' Has a Crazy Football Past

rooney maraYou probably know Rooney Mara as the star of the soon-to-be-released The Girl With a Dragon Tattoo movie, in which she plays the lead role of pierced punk/hardcore hacker Lisbeth Salander. A serious force to be reckoned with, even if you are James Bond (Daniel Craig).

But she's also the great-granddaughter of Tim Mara and Art Rooney, Senior. Mara founded the New York Giants. Rooney founded the Pittsburgh Steelers.

So that's where the 26-year-old actress gets her tough streak! Full-blooded football royalty? No pain, no gain indeed. No fooling around, either. Mara's reportedly fabulous on-set work ethic is just one more sign that she takes after her great-grandfathers, once counted among the most formidable men of the NFL.


The story goes like this: Art Rooney (again, Rooney Mara's maternal great-grandfather) founded the Steelers in 1933. He named his son Tim Rooney in honor of Rooney Mara's paternal great-grandfather, Tim Mara (founder of the NY Giants). Then, a generation later, Chris and Kathleen Mara named their baby daughter Patricia Rooney Mara -- who eventually dropped the "Patricia" to become simply Rooney Mara. Who's now starring in The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. Tada!

Rooney Mara hasn't kicked around in the football world much, though her sister Kate has performed the National Anthem at Giants Stadium numerous times. But that's just because she's been too busy scoring goals in Hollywood. (Remember the girl who broke Mark Zuckerberg's heart in The Social Network? Yup, that was her.)

Either way, she's clearly one hell of a team player as far as her family is concerned!

What do you think Rooney Mara learned from her football family?


Image via Sony Pictures

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