Using Facebook to Pick Your Airplane Seatmate Is Creepy

airplane seatsOf all the really, really terrible things that come with flying, waiting to see who you're sitting next to is among the worst. You know the drill. You're in your seat, pretending to read, when, really, you're scanning every single person who walks toward you, wondering if they've got the seat next to you. And then, when it seems like the plane is just about ready to take off, and you still have an empty seat to your right, you think, "Yipee! I beat the system!" Then, out of nowhere, some mouth-breather with a bag of McDonald's gets on board and plops themselves down next to you. Fail.

Well, this process is about to get a whole lot crappier. And creepier. Because one airline is allowing people to peruse passengers' Facebook profiles so they can choose who to sit next to. Awkward.


KLM Royal Dutch Airlines thinks this is a good idea. When passengers check in with them online, they will be given the option to look at other fliers' social media profiles and, from there, pick who they'd like to spend a couple of hours sitting next to. I couldn't be more against this.

The only thing more awkward than staring down an aisle of people, and trying to make it look like you're not staring down an aisle of people, is staring down an aisle of people and wondering if they chose to sit next to you. It's not like you can ask them. The whole thing is just weird. 

I get what KLM is doing here -- and some may even think this is a great idea -- but, to me, it just makes things really uncomfortable. It's almost like you're being forced to go on a blind date. It's too one-sided. Just because someone wants to sit next to you doesn't mean you want to sit next to them. And vice-versa.

Do you think this is a good idea?


Image via Glutnix/Flickr

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