Jon Bon Jovi Proves Death Rumors Are Fake With Priceless Facebook Update

Jon Bon JoviLike me, you may have woken up to see the words "Jon Bon Jovi dead" strung together in your news feed. What the heck?! When I read that, I was on a train that was just about to cross the Hudson River from New Jersey into Manhattan, and I immediately thought, "For the sake of all that's rock 'n' roll holy in this state, don't let this be true!" Thank goodness, it was a big fat lie. You know, one of those rumors about a celeb biting the dust that every now and then, sneaky, manipulative types like to spread via the interwebs. In this case, the rumor that rocker Jon Bon Jovi died from a heart attack spread like wildfire on Twitter yesterday.

Ridiculous and eye-roll-worthy? Oh yes. But the silver lining of the incident BY FAR was Bon Jovi's response.


He took to his Facebook page and Twitter to post a photo of himself standing in front of his Christmas tree, holding a sign that reads, "Heaven looks a lot like New Jersey." Haaa! (Well, maybe for him it does, huh!)

Seems he really is a'livin' (on a prayer) and well. Furthermore, I vote for his Facebook post as one of -- if not the absolute BEST -- celeb responses to one of these silly Internet hoaxes ever

Not to make light of it, but how many times have you read "Justin Bieber's dead," "Aretha Franklin's dead," "Charlie Sheen's dead" on the Facebook wall of that friend of yours who naively believes everything he or she clicks? And how many times has the celeb come out to set the record straight in such a charming way? Um, never?! Not that they should always acknowledge these silly rumors, but fighting web wildfire with a keen sense of social media humor seems like a wise way to go.

Did you get a kick out of Bon Jovi's response to his death rumors?


Image via Earl McGehee/Flickr

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