Possessed Runaway Golf Cart Crashes High School Football Game (VIDEO)

golf cart football gameIt's not funny when people fall down. Except it is kind of funny when people fall down. (Hey, The Three Stooges weren't popular for nothing. Slapstick = laughs.) Anyway, it's perfectly acceptable to outwardly guffaw when people fall down and you know for a fact no one was seriously injured. Especially when they wipe out in a terribly silly and quite unexpected manner.

That's what happened at Cowboys Stadium in Houston Saturday night. Because while tumbles are to be expected at a high school football game, one doesn't anticipate the involvement of an electric golf cart. An unmanned electric golf cart.


As the incident is still under investigation, we don't know yet how it is the golf cart went careening from end zone to midfield. But we do know that it took out Spring Dekaney coach Willie Amendola and several innocent bystanders during the course of its wild ride! Man down! Uh-oh, there goes another one!

Good thing Amendola is apparently one of those high school football coaches who moonlights as a super hero. When the cart knocked him off his feet and into the passenger seat, he managed to grab on to the steering wheel and avoid hitting yet another human bowling pin person. Even better, after falling out of the speeding cart he somehow climbed back on and stop it.

Yay! To be fair, Amendola did end up getting a little bit hurt -- no broken bones, but a bruised foot and sprained ankle. Still, I don't think the injuries he sustained are severe enough that any of us have to feel guilty for laughing at this video:

Did you think this video was hilarious or horrifying?


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