Google's 'Let It Snow' Trick Will Get You Excited for the Holidays

google doodleAw, Google is so cute. They're always doing all sorts of adorable things for whatever holiday is in the air, and now, they've gone and done "let it snow."

"What is 'let it snow'," you ask? Well, why don't you just go ahead and google it and find out on your own? Go on. I'll wait ... did you do it? Yes? How cute is it? If it didn't work, it's because Google hates you. Just kidding. They love you. It's probably because your browser just doesn't support it. Here's what you're missing, though ...


Snowflakes trickle down on your screen! It's oddly hypnotic and relaxing to watch. When enough "snow" has fallen, your screen will turn a sort of white-ish, blurry shade, and the "defrost" button will pop up so you can "clean your screen." Or better yet, left click on your mouse to use it as an "ice scraper." Check it.


"Let it snow" is one Google's "Easter Eggs." Remember about a month ago, when you typed "do a barrel roll" into the search engine and it had your screen do a 360? (And have you heard about how if you type "askew" into Google, your screen will appear slightly, well, askew?) They're cute, fun ways to, I dunno, spice up the non-spicy world of technology. And, for a girl who sits at a computer all day, every day, it's helped me get into the holiday spirit a little more. Thanks, Google. And, hey, happy holidays to you, too.

Pretty cute, no?


Image via Google Doodles

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