'SNL' Blames Tim Tebow for Every Team's Losses This Season (VIDEO)

Tim Tebow and JesusAfter a weekend hanging with disappointed New York Giants and Jets fans, I'm wishing I'd had time to watch Saturday Night Live in full before the slate of Sunday games. The folks at 30 Rock have given fans of losing NFL teams a much-needed scapegoat for their anger. Go ahead and blame Tim Tebow.

What? The Denver Broncos quarterback was only on one field this weekend, so he couldn't possibly be to blame for the utter disaster that was the Jets trying to pretend they knew how to play football or whatever it was the Jaguars were doing against the Falcons? That's what YOU think!


See, every time Tim Tebow gets down on one knee and puts his hand on his head in the perfect Tebowing pose so he can call on his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, he's distracting the son of God from doing other important things. Like keeping the Jets from being annihilated by the Eagles! But don't take my word for it. The deity himself showed up on SNL to let the Broncos know how it is:


Finally! Someone put in words -- out of the mouth of one Jesus Christ no less -- just what drives people up the wall about Tebow's displays of faith. It isn't that he is a Christian or even that he prays. Tebow-haters are not necessarily anti-religion. They're flummoxed by the fact that he constantly thanks God for the Broncos winning, leaving everyone else to wonder what that says about what God did for the losing team or any other important matter.

Now we know. He wasn't at your team's side this weekend because He was trying to keep the Broncos from losing to the Patriots. Or maybe He was Christmas, er, birthday shopping.

Did your favorite NFL team lose this weekend? Who are you blaming today?


Image via NBC

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