Everyone Wants to Be Tim Tebow

TebowAs if having an Internet meme named for you wasn't proof enough (yes, I'm talking about Tebowing), when a presidential candidate stands up at the Republican debate and announces he wants to be like you, you know you have arrived. Tim Tebow is growing on people! It seems we can bid hating him goodbye right along with 2011.

The Denver Broncos quarterback got a shout-out from GOP candidate Rick Perry last night at the debates in Iowa. Seems the Texas governor thinks he's being as underrated as Tebow has been for months, and he's promising to come from behind like the University of Florida star has in recent weeks. And he's not the only one.


Tebow's invaded the hallways of one Long Island high school where a bunch of teen boys were suspended for dropping to the floor and pulling his now famous prayer pose, in an attempt to give their classmates the giggles. The school says it was making the halls dangerous for other students rushing to class. Fail for them, but for an athlete famous for talking up his religion and abstinence -- not exactly mainstream teen concepts -- this has to be a big win, right?

There's even a brewery in Colorado making their own "Tebrew" beer in hopes that it will pack their tap room with game-time fans. And of course we heard this week that Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn has no problem linking her name to her fellow Colorado resident (they're just friends y'all!). 

It's no wonder they're buying what Tebow's selling: the Broncos are 7-1 with Tebow as quarterback. They're going into this weekend's match-up with the Patriots with a six-game win streak and the distinct possibility they'll win their division. As Charlie Sheen has said more than a few times, America loves a guy when he's winning.

Expect the love to keep on coming, folks. As much fun as it is to hate on an athlete because he's that guy who everyone "loves to hate," the shine is off the apple when people actually stop "loving to hate" him and start wanting to BE him!

Tell the truth: have you always loved Tebow or are you just riding the wave?


Image via Getty Images/Justin Edmonds

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