6 NFL Teams With Fanatic Celebrity Followings

matt damon boston fanThe New England Patriots might have some of the most excited, devoted, and engaged fans in the entire NFL. And some might say, well, that's just the nature of sports up there in cold, blustery Boston and its surrounding parts. Doesn't matter if you're a famous Hollywood actor. If you're from there, you don't even think twice about rooting like crazy for the Pats! Matt Damon is no exception.

He was on an NFLNetwork.com podcast yesterday, chatting about his love for the New England team and how he thinks quarterback Tom Brady is "just a stud." Ha! Too funny. And even though he told a really cute story about how his 9-year-old nephew is starstruck by Brady, who's he kidding?? Damon himself is, too! But Brady and the Pats aren't alone in being able to lay claim to a Hollywood fan following. Here, six winning football teams that have hot Hollywood names cheering them on.  

  1. New England Patriots - As we've said, Matt Damon may be a total fan boy for Tom Brady and the rest of the team, but plenty of other celebs root for them. Ben Affleck, of course, Mark Wahlberg (also a Boston native), Steven King, Conan O'Brien, Denis Leary, and John Krasinski are all Pats fans.
  2. Denver Broncos - Quarterback Tim Tebow and the rest of this currently on-fire team count Rick Perry (who aspires to be like Tebow), Matt Stone and Trey Parker (creators of South Park), and Tim Allen among their fans.
  3. San Francisco '49ers - Even though hubby Ben is cheering for the Pats, Jennifer Garner (love her!) is into the '49ers, because L.A. doesn't have a pro football team for her to get behind. Dana Carvey, Danny Glover, Huey Lewis, and Robin Williams also love the Niners.
  4. Dallas Cowboys - We all know Jessica Simpson used to root for the Cowboys and her then BF Tony Romo. (Now she's probably going to root for whichever team her fiance and former player Eric Johnson gets behind.) But the Cowboys are still followed by other celebs like Carrie Underwood and Jamie Foxx.
  5. New York Jets - Don't think the Giants are the only ones who get all the celeb power behind 'em ... Famous folks who have a thing for the green team include Denzel Washington, Ray Romano, Adam Sandler, James Gandolfini, Kevin James, Hayden Panettiere, and Jamie Lynn Siegler (and probably the rest of the Sopranos cast!).
  6. Cincinnati Bengals - Nothing like a little lovin' from George Clooney to get your team in the spotlight! May sound odd, but Carmen Electra is a self-declared Cincy fan.

Who's your favorite celeb football fan?


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