New Facebook Timeline Will Seriously Stress You Out

Facebook Timeline
Yesterday Facebook rolled out the layout we've been hearing about for months: the Facebook Timeline. The change (seen above) gives the classic Facebook profile page a whole new look. Hooray! Another fun twist for the site's 800 million+ active users. The only problem? This change is giving me a lot of anxiety.

The good news is that you have loads of options on how to customize the new feature, and it's optional for now. Phew! The layout of the whole thing does look cool, and if you opt for the new look, the page comes across a lot more like a blog, which I adore.

I do have one little qualm though. Actually, it's a HUGE MASSIVE qualm. See that large cover photo at the top? Yeah, I have absolutely no idea what photo to put there. Can I get an amen?


This huge photo is the first thing you see when looking at the Timeline layout. The head honchos at Facebook suggest that this should be a "unique image that represents you best." One image? To represent all of me? Best!? Shoot. I'm in trouble.

My initial gut instinct was to put some sort of a sunset there. Sounds super lame and not exactly descriptive of who I am. I just feel as though this picture is supposed to be artsy and attractive, as in -- not one of my face smiling cheesily at everyone as they click on through my page.

Ever since I got on the Book, I've had a hard enough time as it is choosing a Facebook profile picture, and that photo is about 40 times SMALLER than this one. If only I had a cute set of kiddos to put up top and steal the spotlight. Maybe I can borrow my neighbor's newborn twins? Yeah ... that would be perfect! 

I guess there is some good news here though. Facebook Timeline is still in the preview stages and doesn't have to go live for another six days. Looks like I've just added something to my weekend to-do list: Figure out what "represents me best."

Do you like Timeline? What photo will you be putting in your cover slot?

Image via Facebook

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