5 Awesome Menorahs to Trick Out Your Hanukkah Celebration

iMenorah on an iPhoneHanukkah begins at sundown on Tuesday, and for the next eight ("craaaazy") nights, we'll celebrate the Festival of Lights by lighting one candle a night on our menorahs. Growing up, my family used a traditional, metal menorah and those waxy, crayon-colored candles in the token blue box. I remember being so curious about the flames as a kid that I actually burned the very tip of my finger one year. Whoops!

Thankfully, Hanukkah fire hazards are a little less likely these days, thanks to electronic versions of the old-school menorah. Beyond that, there are some seriously high-tech menorahs out there for those of you just itching to take your Festival into the future. Here, five of the coolest ...


1. The Rite Lite LED Circuit Board menorah ($24.50) - This seriously geeked-out candelabrum is actually made from circuit board, and the lights are LED. Bonus: Since it's made from recycled materials, it's eco-friendly! (One warning: It sounds like you may have to futz around a little to make sure it lights from right to left ... One drawback of having to rely on technology to adhere to tradition!)
 LED Menorah

2. The iMenorah ($1.99) - Now, this isn't exactly your traditional situation by far. But it seems perfect for the college kid who is always on their smartphone but isn't allowed to light candles in his or her dorm! The iMenorah allows you to place or remove any candles by touching them, and they fade from lit to unlit. Really cute idea, and it's available for iPhones or iPads. Here's a cool video of how it works ...

3. Contemporary Silvertone Electric Menorah ($45) - This one doesn't really have much going for it in the way of a gimmick, but it's just one beautiful modern menorah that uses LED light bulbs.

LED menorah

4. Electric menorah with flickering bulbs ($70) - If you want to go electric, but you feel like you'll miss the "feeling" of a real menorah's flames, this could be another way to go. The bulbs on this one actually flicker when lit. Definitely a fan of that!

electric menorah with flickering bulbs5. NXT Robotic Hanukkah Menorah - This is the best of both worlds! Crazy robotic contraption that lights the candles with a real flame! Here's a video of how it works ... (although, I could do without the prayers in Chipmunk Hebrew). By the way, not sure you can buy yourself one of these, but if you're ambitious, you could probably build something similar!

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What's the coolest menorah you've ever seen?


Images via imenorah.mikejutan.com; Amazon.com; Menorah.com; JewishBookCenter.com

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