Chad Ochocinco Shares Twitter Secrets With College Students (VIDEO)

chad ochocinco with emerson college classIt's not every day that an NFL star takes the time to take a class of college kids out to dinner, but that's just what happened in Boston this week. New England Patriots wide receiver Chad Ochocinco made a guest appearance at Emerson College (my alma mater, whoo!), a special surprise for the students that happened as a result of Twitter.

It all started when the professor of a social media course, David Gerzof-Richard, challenged his class to contact the man considered to be the number one athlete in the country in the world of social media ... Chad. Ochocinco's known for being outspoken on the microblogging site, and also for being super-responsive to those who tweet to him, so when Emerson students reached out, he got back to them, and soon he was heading up his very own, hour-long Twitter 101 seminar for the kids!

This wasn't just a cool thing for him to have done for the students; it's also a major testament to the power of Twitter.


When I graduated from Emerson six years ago, we'd reach out to sources or potential guest speakers for class in what now seems like perhaps a dated way -- via phone or email. Journalism profs really discouraged email. Now, they're challenging students to touch base via Twitter. (Whoa, my head's spinning!)

But that's the thing ... the site is making the world so much smaller in an incredible, powerful way. Why not take advantage of that? Like one Emerson student pointed out, social media has allowed media-in-the-making to get in contact with people who would normally be unavailable to them. In turn, it's making it easier for them to gather even more knowledge than they would otherwise. It's definitely a testament to the value of Twitter.

Oh, not to mention that Chad Ochocinco brought his fiancee along and mentioned that he even met her by tweeting. Best college lesson ever: Use Twitter -- get an A, and find love!

Here's a video about the Ocho-Emerson meet-up ...

Do you feel like social media has made your world feel smaller?


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