New Facebook ‘Timeline’ Is Big, Splashy Fun

facebook timelineHave you heard? Facebook is making major changes -- AGAIN. I know, I know, we love to hate the Facebook changes. Ugh, can't Facebook stay the same for longer than three days?

Not to worry! The change is optional (for now), it's just on your profile page, and it's even kind of cool. Now, instead of a lot of text, it's a large photo that dominates the page. It looks a little more like a blog. And there's this nifty little timeline to the right of that photo. So what else do you need to know now that Facebook is finally making the Timeline mandatory? Keep reading to find out!


First of all, where do you get the timeline? Go to this page, scroll down, and look for the green "get timeline" button. It will take you back to your Facebook page -- which may look exactly the same as ever. Just refresh your browser and you'll get that prompt to set your page on "timeline."

About that timeline -- it allows you, or your friends, to dig into the past and view photos and status updates from days of yore. I don't know quite how I feel about that -- sounds handy for ME, but maybe I don't want everyone else remembering everything I've said for the past few years.

Keep in mind, you have seven days to get it just the way you want it before your friends can see it. OR DO YOU? I changed to the Timeline version and then got a notice: "Your Timeline is now live." Huh? Just be careful when you hit those "set" buttons.

You have some choices -- what images to highlight -- and you still have control over who sees what. Then again, figuring out how to set those privacy controls is tricky as ever. And you've now got that one BIG picture that sums you up. That's a lot of pressure on one photo -- kind of more than the pressure on your avatar, in my opinion. Fortunately you can change that, too, whenever you want.

I do like the new profile page layout. Under that main photo/location box, everything else falls into a grid, with your updates in their own boxes and a special box for your friends. It's like an online lunch tray. Meanwhile, your news feed page looks the same as usual, so no need to panic over that -- yet!

What do you think of the Facebook Timeline? Are you going to try it out before you have to make the switch?

Image via Adriana Velez

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