Has Tom Cruise Convinced David Beckham to Quit Soccer?

David Beckham
David Beckham signs autographs
David Beckham is apparently quite cool with having a movie star buddy who is also a totally crazy Scientologist who jumps on couches. He and Tom Cruise have been BFFs for a while, but only recently has Tom been trying to convert him ... into a Hollywood actor, that is. Yeah, apparently Tom's been hounding Becks to try his hand at action flicks.

Becks seems amenable to the idea, but he has one requirement: That any movie he stars in has sports involved. Well, yeah, obviously!! It's not like anyone would expect an athlete (and occasional pretty boy model) to sign on as Hamlet or whatever. Clearly, Becks' foray into film would have to be "athletically-spirited." And Tom's down with that, reportedly, but he also has his own caveat: He gets to play the hero, while Becks plays the villain, because as Tom has said of him before, "He would make a great baddie." Hahaha, wow.


I could see it. And the other good news about this possible turn of events for Becks is that it's not like he's never done a lick of acting. Remember back when he was on Ellen and fooled customers by acting like he worked at Target? Pure comedic gold, people. And after watching that clip again, I am definitely convinced the guy has some raw talent! He's quite the ham and obviously has charisma to boot. Not to mention that he's hilarious!! Maybe his true talent lies in doing an action/sports-turned-comedy.

Also, hey, if The Rock and Michael Jordan and Shaq can go from pro-athlete to "actor," anyone can do it -- especially David Beckham, who is already immersed in the entertainment biz, living in L.A., hanging with actors all the time, being married to a former pop star, etc. It's almost as if being a movie star has been his fate all along, so why not just kick soccer to the curb for the time being and embrace acting as a second career?

Seriously, I never thought I'd say I agree with Tom Cruise on much of anything, but this is one area where he's dead on.

Would you want to see David Beckham star in movies?


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