Add Santa to Any Photo With Hilarious Holiday App

good santaWell look who just showed up here at The Stir's offices -- Santa Claus! He's brought us more coffee and pens, just what we wanted. But wait, is that really Santa ...? Why is his boot sort of overlapping that chair?

HO HO HO, readers! It's the new app, "Instant Santa," here to fool your friends and family. Want to prove to your kids Santa still exists? Download this app and snap a photo of the Jolly One hanging out by your tree. Just make sure Santa behaves himself, because wait until you see photos of Santa out partying last night.




instant santa 1

Oh my Santa, aren't you getting a little carried away? Here he is in the kitchen, guzzling down a little too much holiday cheer. Scandal Claus! This is the second-best use for the app: You can use it to frame Santa in some compromising positions. We won't show you the most incriminating post -- Santa taking a whizz in public, something he could get arrested for, depending on where you pose him. But I'm especially fond of the "after" version of this photo.

instant santa 2

Shameless Santa passed out on a bench! Oh Santa, you really outdid yourself this year. Too much peppermint schnapps for you. Maybe we should find someone else to drive your sleigh tonight? Poor Rudolph, he'll be so disappointed. And you know Mrs. Claus is going to give you hell for this tomorrow. Come to think of it, maybe we should just let you crash here for the night.

Oh there's loads of fun to be had with Instant Santa. I may get carried away myself! I think I've finally found a way to blackmail Santa into giving me an iPad.

What's your favorite holiday app?

Image via Adriana Velez/Instant Santa

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