Watch This Amazing Pet Lizard Play Popular Phone Game (VIDEO)

lizard plays ant crusherHave you seen the latest incident of animal abuse? Call PETA! Someone is torturing this poor bearded dragon with the video game Ant Crusher. Images of tasty little critters scuttle across the screen and the lizard zaps them with lightning speed. But no tasty meal for the lizard. How cruel!

Okay, I'm totally joking about the animal abuse. But this video is hilarious. And the lizard totally kills at this game.


Bearded Dragon on Ant Crusher -- doesn't that sound like a heavy metal band? Bearded dragons come from Australia, but they're sold here as pets. And they really do eat ants in real life -- or just about any tiny creepy-crawly thing. Which brings us to this funny smartphone game the lizard is playing here. Don't you wish you had its aim and timing?

The lizard zips, and then he kind of looks up like, Dude, where's my meal? Huh, better try again. Ha! Silly lizard, there is no meal on that phone. Towards the end of the video, though, I kind of just want the owner to give the poor lizard a real bug, for crying out loud. That would be so frustrating and confusing for the lizard! Maybe I'm projecting too much. Anyway, it probably made him really hungry. Take a look.

Have you ever gotten your pet to play video games?


Image via YouTube

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