Demi Moore Needs to Change Her Twitter Name ASAP

Demi Moore Twitter HandleEver since Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore decided to get a divorce following the hotel scandal, everyone's been on Demi's case about changing her @mrskutcher Twitter handle. Seems that the incessant questioning as to why she's still Mrs. K on Twitter is really getting to her. I can definitely understand how it would bother me, too. She posted today:

"Changing my Twitter name isn't a top priority right now. Sorry it bothers so many of u. Should I not tweet until I do? Does it really matter?"

OK, so it's clear that she does plan on changing it at some point. That's a good start! While I understand that the actress has other things to worry about, like her kids and her career, her Twitter handle does matter as well. Sorry Demi, but you need to change that name, and you need to do it ASAP.

Go on. Just like ripping off a Band-Aid, it will only hurt for a little bit. I promise.


I understand that, yes, Twitter is not the biggest thing in the universe. However, the actress engages on the social networking site ALL of the time. That means she's constantly staring that Twitter handle in the face, remembering both the good and bad times. As with any relationship that comes to an end, it's a lot easier to move on without constant reminders of your ex. Looking at his name on a pretty regular basis? Not exactly an easy way to move forward.

Not only is the Twitter name a constant reminder, but it's also how people identify her on the website. Whether it's other users sending her a message or the media referring to something she says on the site, her name is his name for now and that's that. By changing the handle, she'll once again proclaim herself as Demi Moore, the famous and well-accomplished actress, instead of Demi Moore, Ashton Kutcher's wife who he cheated on. Personally, after this whole fiasco, I think that she deserves at least that.

Do you think that Demi Moore should change her Twitter handle?

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