Sleep With Derek Jeter & He'll Reward You for It

Derek JeterWell, this is a nice change! The New York Yankee making scandalous headlines this week is not one Alex Rodriguez but Mr. Squeaky Clean himself, Derek Jeter. Rumor has it Mr. November has been gifting the girls who swing by his pad in New York's Trump World Tower and scream "oh captain, my captain" with a basket full of signed Jeter memorabilia as a kiss-off. And the problem here is ... ?


The New York media is all abuzz about what a cad Jeter is for giving girls goodies for letting him sample the goodies, but I'm going to be completely honest here. I'm a married woman. I'm not lining up to jump in bed with the Yankees captain. But if you're doing the walk of shame, wouldn't you much rather do it in a Jeter-hired town car with a bunch of stuff you can sell on eBay?

After his 3,000th hit over the summer and breakup with long-time girlfriend Minka Kelly, Jeter's on-field performance soared, and so did the prices his signature is commanding. Want an autographed baseball? That would be $514.99 at the MLB Shop. How about a photo with his scrawl? If it happens to have Muhammad Ali on it, we're talking a cool $2,999.

Most people are grateful to walk away from a one-nighter without an STD. I'm pretty sure a basket full of memorabilia signed by a future hall of famer trumps herpes every time. It's a sports fan's dream!

It sounds like these women know exactly who they're sleeping with and what they're getting into. Snuck into the towers to keep the media at bay, there's absolutely no way they saw that famous face and didn't connect the dots. But then they get really lucky.

So as long as there were two consenting adults in the room for each fling, I don't think anyone looks bad here. Do you?


Image via Rubenstein/Flickr

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