There’s No Way Charlie Sheen's Tweet to Justin Bieber Was 'Accidental'

charlie sheenBIG news out of Twitter-land, people! Charlie Sheen "accidentally" tweeted his phone number. As the story goes, it seems he was trying to send a direct, private message to Justin Bieber (huh??? I know, what the ...) that read, "310-954-7277 Call me bro. C" to his 5 million followers. As you can imagine, the next thing the wacko actor knew, his tweet had been retweeted, and his phone was blowing up with 1.8K text messages and a barrage of phone calls. Following in its owner's footsteps, the phone reportedly even suffered a "meltdown."  

Ouch -- that's so not WINNING! Then again, maybe it was ... ? We the innocent social media-savvy public might have been played by the tiger-blooded Sheenanator himself!


It seems very likely that Charlie knew exactly what he was doing!! The proof? Well, first of all, how dumb do you have to be to not realize you're tweeting versus sending a direct message? The two features on Twitter are pretty distinct. Also, when his phone started blowing up, he really kept his cool, reportedly answering it a few times and saying things like, "Ray's Pizza!" and "Winning."

Furthermore, why drag Bieber into it unless it was a publicity stunt? I mean, what could Sheen possibly want from the Biebs if not a little slice of his current superstardom? After all, the pop star's one of the most recognizable, coveted stars right now -- not to mention a Twitter God with over 15 million followers! --- and by aligning himself with him (under whatever bizarro pretense!), Charlie might have figured he'd "win" himself a whole new legion of eyeballs. Craaaazy!

If this guy still has a publicist after last spring's insanity, I could just see that poor person shaking their head ... or congratulating Charlie on his brand new phone number, which of course he now has. Maybe Sheen's smarter than we give him credit -- at least when it comes to brand-building on Twitter. Ha!

Do you think Sheen's Twitter "accident" was a publicity stunt?


Image via SPW/Splash News

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