Man Confesses to Double Murder on Facebook & Creeps His Friends Out

facebookBart Heller of Indiana is the most recent in a string of people to leave an online suicide note. And along with that suicide note, which was left on his Facebook page, he confessed to the double murder he committed. The message read: "Someone call 911. I've killed Ryann, Erin, and myself. People were warned not to play me. They didn't listen. Sorry about your luck."

When Nancy Lopez, a friend of Heller's, noticed the status update, she immediately called the police and told them what was going on. When the cops showed up at Heller's place, Heller, his ex-girlfriend, Erin Jehl, and her friend, Ryann Tipton, all 19, were dead.

No need to discuss how terrible and horrible this situation is -- I think that's pretty implicit. But I am wondering: Is anyone else super creeped out by the recent rash of online suicide notes?


I know, it's a digital world, blah, blah, blah, but there's something so ... recent, so human about seeing a note someone left on Facebook, Twitter, or their personal blog. While still terribly sad, handwritten notes left by the deceased, I don't know, seem much more poetic and timeless. Not to be morbid, but it's as if that's the way such notes are meant to be left. One can keep a physical copy with the person's handwriting, should they choose. Seeing a status update by someone who's died almost makes it seem as if they're still here.

After my mother passed away, I went through all her stuff, as people often do. The strangest things that I found, the things that evoked the most emotion out of me, weren't the heirloom pieces of jewelry she wore, or old photos of her from when she was a girl; it was the everyday crap in her purse. Receipts from Marshall's, a L'Oreal mascara, gum. All that stuff was meaningless, sure, but it was so human, so 2010. It made her seem like she was still around; it made her seem less otherworldly. How could she be gone when she was just here, you know?

I kind of feel the same way about notes that were left online. It's weird and hard to accept that a person is no longer here when something they just wrote is up on something as modern as a social networking site. I don't know. Maybe it's just me. But I find the whole thing strange.

Do online suicide notes weird you out at all? Do you think they're any different from handwritten ones?


Image via codemastersnake/Flickr

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