5 Reasons to See New Apple Store at Grand Central Before You Die

grand central apple storeYou gotta hand it to Apple. Their constant innovation applies not only to their product lines but also to their shopping experience. These days, you could just sit on your couch and order a new iPad or MacBook from your iPhone (or your current iPad or current MacBook), but Apple culture was built on interaction, the exchange of exciting new ideas, and let's be honest -- plain ol' geeking out in front of the Next Best Thing in a totally geeked-out space. And now the Grand Central Apple Store is taking that experience to the next level.

Even if you're not an NYC native (and if you aren't, I don't blame you), the new Apple store could quickly become a must-do whenever you do make the trip. Here, the five reasons it's a bucket list must for any Mac fan.

  1. Celeb sightings galore - On the grand opening day alone, stars in attendance included Blake Lively, Michael J. Fox, Jane Krakowski, Jimmy Fallon, and Spike Lee. Being that this Apple store is so centrally located in the heart of Midtown and Grand Central is one of the busiest spots in the city, I'll bet celebs pursuing the shelves will be a staple here!
  2. Expedited learning experiences - Because they know most people browsing around this Apple store are in a hurry to catch a train, those Mac geniuses are going to run “Express Workshops," lasting only 15 minutes, to the Grand Central location. So anyone can just pop on by to get closer to becoming a Mac "genius." How cool is that?
  3. Not one, but TWO Genius Bars - Probably another favor to hurried commuters, this means you might have a better bet at this location to get one-on-one service when something goes wrong with or you have a question about your Apple gadget.
  4. DIY checkout - Apple knows New Yorkers are in a crazy hurry. So they're making it easier for you to grab and go at Grand Central by a.) having no doors or walls so you just breeze on in and b.) offering an EasyPay Self-Checkout service (which is now offered in other locations, too). You just use your iPhone to take a photo of the product's bar code and then enter your credit card info. A receipt is then emailed to you. Nice -- I can imagine is a total lifesaver, especially when there are insane crowds!
  5. It's simply beautiful - The store overlooks and wraps around the main concourse of Grand Central from the East and North East balconies, so in other words, it offers an awesome view of the classic stations. Signature antique chandeliers hang near one of the Genius Bars, too.

No wonder the store is bound to be more than just a place to buy Apple products -- it's destined to also be a tourist attraction, as well!

Would you check out the Grand Central Apple store?


Image via Jesse Chan-Norris/Flickr

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