UFC Champion Fighter Learns the Hard Way That Rape Jokes Are Never Funny

UFC octagonFormer WEC champion fighter Miguel Torres doesn't have a career with the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) anymore, thanks to a completely out of line tweet he posted last week. Just how awful could the fighter's tweet be, you wonder? In this case, really, horrifyingly awful. Out of the blue last Wednesday, Torres tweeted a disgusting "joke": "If a rape van was called a surprise van, more women wouldn’t mind going for rides in them. Everyone likes surprises." Wow, right?

The more shocking, amazing, disturbing thing is that somehow, in the aftermath, despite negative backlash, he seemed totally defiant, tweeting, "On racism, pedophiles, terrorism, & other f----ed up things is ok, but some are off limits. What a sensitive world we live in." Um ... or perhaps NONE of those things are okay?!!

Thankfully, the UFC did the right thing in this case by giving the guy the boot.


Sure, some fans are upset, but that's too damn bad. Torres screwed up -- and it wasn't just this time. Apparently, he had a full-fledged track record of "off-color" remarks like this rape one. The organization obviously realized they couldn't afford to have someone like that in the spotlight any longer, and not only do I not blame them, but I applaud them for reacting so quickly and decisively about this.

How many times has an athlete said something totally offensive out loud (which you would think would actually carry more weight than a tweet), either during game play (hello, Kobe Bryant) or out and about in public? Usually, it's a big hairy deal to even suspend the guy. Lots of back and forth about whether or not he even said what everyone already knows he said. But in this case, there was no doubt. Torres tweeted what he tweeted. And there was also no hesitation. It was wrong and a very much punishable offensive. As UFC President Dana White put it:

There's going be times when things happen and mistakes are made. I cannot defend Miguel Torres. I cannot defend what he said. What he said makes no sense other than when he says, "It was a joke." Well, I don’t think that’s a funny joke. I think it’s disturbing.

What's more, it's not like White didn't give him an out. He asked Torres to explain himself, and he simply couldn't. If an athlete is that unaware or careless about how his words are perceived and how they reflect on the organization he represents, then he deserves to be cut. Seems like he had a successful fighting career, but what's done is done. With hope, Torres keeps his promise to learn from this and use this turning point as an opportunity to become a better person.

Do you think Miguel Torres should have been let go for this tweet?


Image via fightlaunch/Flickr

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