Man Returns Stolen iPad & Makes the World a Better Place

ipadYou know what I miss? The good ol' days when all we had to worry about was getting our purses and wallets stolen. Now that Apple has achieved global domination, we have to worry about our purses, wallets, iPhones, and iPads getting swiped from us when we're out and about. And that sucks, because those things are expensive -- and the odds of getting them back are pretty much sitting stubbornly at zero.

Unless you're Kate Gold, the woman who had her iPad stolen from her while shopping for bathroom tiles. See, while she and her husband were debating between Colorado Gray and Whispering Spring, a dude walked up and grabbed the iPad that was sitting on a table behind her and sold it for $250. But when the new owner of the iPad found wedding pictures that clearly did not belong to the seller, he put two and two together and tracked down the original owner.


A few days into mourning the loss of their iPad, Kate's husband received a text message from Priel Maman, a salon owner, saying he bought the iPad from a stranger at his salon. Priel explained that he deduced that the iPad was stolen after he noticed that the wallpaper on the gadget was a wedding photo of the Golds. Maman searched through the device’s emails to find a phone number for Kate or her husband, and sent him a text offering his contact information to return the device. Bwah?

So, let me get this straight: Not only was Maman kind enough to return the stolen iPad to its rightful owner after getting a deal on it, he was gullible enough to not think the iPad he was buying from a random, shady dude was stolen? This guy rules.

I don't need to tell you that it's rare as hell that stolen items -- particularly when they're resold -- get returned to their owner, but ... it's rare as hell that stolen items get returned to their rightful owner! Even though the world is a little bit crappier for having a man who would steal someone's iPad in it, it's also a little bit better for having someone who would return a stolen iPad in it. So, really, nothing's changed. But it does make for a pretty great story.

Have you ever had any of your gadgets stolen?


Image via bm.iphone/Flickr

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