LSU Fans Don't Care, or Shouldn't, About 'Honey Badger' Crackdown

honey badger t-shirt tyrann mathieuIs it just me or does the NCAA take themselves waaaaay too seriously? Like in the way they're handling a current debacle surrounding Heisman Trophy candidate Tyrann Mathieu who plays for the LSU Tigers. See, Mathieu is known to fans as the "Honey Badger." Yeah, as in the "most fearless animal in the animal kingdom" made famous by the hilarious viral video narrated by a man known only by the name Randall. Honey badger's a running gag with lots of people, but for LSU fans, it's also what they like to call their star cornerback.

They also like to wear funny Honey Badger tees to show their pride and love for Mathieu. But even if Honey Badger "don't care," the NCAA does. The LSU Compliance Office has issued several Cease & Desist notifications for "products including the name, likeness, and/or image of LSU football student-athlete Tyrann Mathieu." The thing is ... the only nod to Mathieu on the tees in question is his number 7 or "TM7."


They say the sale of products with any college player's name/likeness/image are in violation of NCAA Bylaw and could have a negative impact on the involved student-athlete's eligibility. Wah wah.

Maybe it's not an altogether ridiculous rule like some of the totally insane ones the NCAA has recently said they're reviewing (like allowing "complimentary butter or jam packets to accompany any bagels, fruits, or nuts"), but it does seem really silly to spend time cracking down on fans who just want to celebrate their fave LSU player with some silly tees. I can't think of any truly negative consequence that could come of the sale of this merchandise. What's more, it's even nuttier to threaten that these tees could in some way "negatively impact" Mathieu's eligibility.

Sheeze, come on! With Penn State and sex abuse accusations running rampant in college football, you'd think these people would realize they have bigger fish to fry than these Honey Badger tees, right? I say the NCAA needs to stop raining on the Honey Badger's parade.

What do you think about these tees?


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