Adrianne Curry Going Topless on Twitter Is Sad & Desperate

adrianne curryYou remember Adrianne Curry, right? She's the first and probably the most notorious winner of America's Next Top Model-turned-Mrs. Peter Brady and one of the most attention-whoring reality stars the world has ever known! So it should come as no surprise that she's scheming for more followers on Twitter. She tweeted that if she reaches 300,000 followers, she'll post a pic of herself topless. Woo woo ... (Apparently, she doesn't realize Google can probably spit up that very same image in less than 30 seconds for anyone who wants it. But that's beside the point.)

Making it even worse: She's pulled similar shameless shenanigans before, like when she tweeted a pic of her naked booty. Oy vey, woman! It's not that I take any issue with her being so "open" and comfortable with her naked body -- good for her! -- but I do have a problem with Twitter users who are proven, perpetual attention junkies.


Sure, everyone from celebs to magazines to restaurant chains try different gimmicks to get more followers, but Adrianne's tactic is definitely more desperate than most. And following someone like her is just a recipe for disaster.

For one thing, do you actually want your Twitter feed clogged with tweets from that kind of user? If they're begging and pleading for more followers, you know they're not going to stop once they reach that holy grail number they've set right now. What's it going to be like as she approaches 350K? More begging = more pointless nonsense in your feed. Waste of time!

Plus, the Twitter attention whore type is always treating the site like a chat room. Do you really need to see every single back and forth someone like Adrianna has with her legion of horny frat boy fans and/or uptight haters who tweet at her just to start an argument? Nah, I'll bet your brain needs to save room for more crucial information, like, I don't know, real news or at least the weather ... 

Hey, to real fans who really want to be one of 300,000 "following" Adrianna, more power to 'em. But if it's just about seeing her topless, compromising your Twitter feed like that is just not worth it!

Do you try to avoid following Twitter users who are super attention junkies?


Image via Richie Buxo/Splash News

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