Justin Bieber Lookalike Makes Basketball Fans Look Like Idiots

justin bieberI guess it's rare that any insult delivered at top volume courtesy of a bunch of dudes in the bleachers at a basketball game is actually cutting, or clever, or makes any sense at all. But the TCU fans who thought they were giving Texas Tech's walk-on guard an earful by taunting him about his resemblance to Justin Bieber?

(Guys, that's not really an insult.)

First of all, Bieber is like 12 years old and he's already a zillionaire. (Perhaps I exaggerate slightly in both directions.) Why would Luke Adams (Bieber's basketball doppelganger) take offense at being compared to a kid with more money than god? Secondly, some of the TCU fans' slurs had to do with Bieber's GF Selena Gomez. What could they possibly have said? Yeah, and your girlfriend's so hot ... she's ... really hot!

But here's the best part -- or worst part, depending on how you look at it ...


Luke Adams couldn't even hear those lame, Bieber-themed affronts. He wouldn't have been able to hear anything the TCU fans said.

Adams was born deaf. He's never been able to hear anything at all.

So you see what I mean about Adams' hearing impairment being the best and worst part of the story. Obviously I'm not saying it's a good thing that the 20-year-old Texas Tech freshman is deaf. What's good is that those TCU fans made complete asses of themselves trying to make Adams feel bad about himself, and it turns out they were literally wasting their breath.

Awww, what a shame.

Do you think being compared to Justin Bieber is an insult?

Image via iloveJB123/Flickr

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