NBA Player Blake Griffin Reveals Hilarious Hidden Talent (VIDEO)

blake griffin ping pongWe now know that during the NBA lockout, quite a few basketball players got a little stir crazy without much to do in the way of their careers. Some dated/married/divorced Kim Kardashian, while others took jobs at furniture stores. But the most hilarious and smartest pastime of a bored NBA star by far has to be table tennis. Oh yes, apparently, while managers and players spent eons hashing out a deal, L.A. Clippers player Blake Griffin traded in his Spalding for a paddle! Then he went full-fledged Forrest Gump!

Seriously, you have to see it to believe it.


Here's the video of Blake explaining his ping-pong backup plan:

OMG, the self-pep talk! And Soo Yeon Lee, who's an actual, amazing professional ping-pong player, beating him HARD! Hilarrrrious! If you agree, you should be not at all surprised that Griffin teamed up with the nutty fools at Funny or Die to make this video. The concept and script have Will Ferrell written all over it, right?

I love it. This video is definitely the most entertaining thing I've seen come out of an NBA player since the lockout began. Maybe it's a lesson to other pro-athletes to try other ways of entertaining the masses when politics surrounding their sports organization are preventing them from playing! Plus, I love that the "moral of the story" is that Griffin should stick to basketball, because he's certainly no Soo. But you gotta hand to him ... the guy does have a knack for dry comedy. Maybe he does stand a chance at making something of himself off the courts!

Are you surprised to learn Blake Griffin's a funny guy?


Image via YouTube

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