5 Hip Tech Accessories for Cool Moms

iphone caseBeing that the holidays are ominously looming over us all, I'm guessing you have some shopping to do. If you don't because you're already done, well, you're a much better woman than I, and I tip my imaginary hat to you, m'lady.

For those of us more "time-challenged" folk, here's a great idea for the cool, trendy, fashionable moms you have to buy for: Tech accessories. Hey, if you have the money to fork over for the actual tech items themselves, go you. But if you'd like to keep it a bit more frugal, check out these five seriously adorable accessories.

Kate Spade iPhone Case, Amazon, $10.99. Usually, I'm not the biggest fan of Kate Spade stuff -- just not my style -- but this iPhone case is definitely something I can get behind. It's sunny, it's easy to clean (since it's hard), and its bright colors are perfect for entertaining little kids.


laptop case

Marc by Marc Jacobs Turnlock Shine iPad Case, Bloomingdale's, $158. The black color makes it difficult for stains to show up, and the material makes it easy to clean. And the style? Well, you really can't go wrong with black leather and gold hardware.


Touchscreen gloves, Urban Outfitters, $14. You've got your kids, your bags, you're freezing, and you need to send a text message. No need to take off those gloves with these touchscreen-friendly ones. And they're cute and festive to boot.

laptop cover


Brahmin Croc Embossed Laptop Case, Nordstrom, $295. Odds of us buying this for somebody this Christmas are kind of low, being that it's almost $300 and all, but it's so pretty. And even the most disheveled-looking moms can look sort of pulled together when carrying this. Heart.

iphone case 

Lodis Astor Patent Smartphone Case, Nordstrom, $48. I never thought to have a little pouch for my phone instead of an actual case. I like. If you're just running into the store quickly and you don't want to carry 90 different things, this is perfect. Stick a credit card in there and you're golden.

What are you getting for the moms in your life? What are you asking for?

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