'Baseball Wives' Recap: Time to Put Anna Benson in Her Place

Anna BensonOne thing is clear early on in this inaugural season of Baseball Wives: Don’t piss off Chantel Kendall. She may look frail, but she’ll call in her friends to take you down if you cross her … or even if you just try to tell her what to do.

Just last week she and Anna Benson were the best of friends, but when Anna started telling Chantel that it was time for her to accept Erika's apology and acting like the "senior top dog", Chantel didn't like it one bit. Instead of telling Anna to back off, though, she called in Anna's nemesis -- Cheri Knoblauch.


The story goes that Anna didn't like Cheri's choice in men (married), so when they were both on a plane together a few years back, she called her out by holding up a napkin on which she had written: "Home-wrecking bitch." Cheri didn't let it slide, attacked Anna, and they've been enemies ever since. So she was just the person for Chantel to call.

And Cheri was ready to answer the call. "Hey I put her into her place one, and I'll do it again," she said. "You’re going down, bitch." (Yes, it was completely orchestrated drama, but it's working so far.)

So in they walked to a calendar shoot for charity, all primed for drama. A few cordial words were exchanged before they got into it. I believe Anna addressing Cheri as "bitch" was the launching point. We only go to see a few minutes of their fight before the episode ended, but it will certainly be continued next week. Cheri seems pretty tough, but my instinct is that she's going to be no match for Anna. I'm not sure who is.

Erika was absent from the drama after last week's blowup, but she'll likely be back in it next week. You know Brooke is going to go tell her what Anna told Remus, the plastic surgeon, about Erika's wrinkly nether regions. I'm a little worried Erika isn't going to be able to handle all this excitement.

Who do you think will come out on top -- Anna Benson or Cheri Knoblauch? Are you loving this show?

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