Boss Who Wants to Ban Email Is Unplugged From Reality

keyboardHere at The Stir, we use email. A lot. So much so that if, God forbid, anything were ever to happen to our email system, we wouldn't be able to work. (Okay, if email and Instant Messenger were out). And although I often find myself missing the days of hearing actual laughing out loud, and seeing a living, breathing smiley face instead of an emoticon, I get it. It's the 21st century and that's just how it is. Email, for as impersonal as it may be, makes everything more efficient.

Which is why it's off-the-wall insane for the CEO of a tech company to ban email in the office.


Thierry Breton, head of the French company Atos Origin, is sick and tired of not speaking with his co-workers face-to-face, and has plans to do away with interoffice email completely within the next two years. Here's what he had to say about his decision:

We are producing data on a massive scale that is fast polluting our working environments and also encroaching into our personal lives. At Atos Origin we are taking action now to reverse this trend. If people want to talk to me, they can come and visit me, call, or send me a text message. Emails cannot replace the spoken word.

I mean, I get it. And I like his style, dig where he's coming from, etc. But how can the CEO of a tech company ban email in the office? Sure, the world might be nicer and more personal without email, but everything will also take twice, three times as long. It just doesn't make sense for business efficiency. I feel like if Breton wants to limit the amount of email in the world, he should just stop sending and receiving personal emails, not business-related ones. Getting rid of office email is an idea that needs to be deleted. Or at least marked as spam.

Do you think banning office email is a good idea?


Image via dan taylor/Flickr

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