Mark Zuckerberg Leaked Photos Are Just the Scandal Facebook Needs

Mark zuckerberg hacked Facebook photosMark Zuckerberg and girlfriend Priscilla ChanThink the things you post on your "private" friends-only Facebook account are safe? Think again. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg himself learned this the hard way when photos from his private account were hacked and surfaced all over the Internet.

Apparently, accessing Zuckerberg's private photos was very simple. All someone needed to do was click on his profile photo, and "Report/Block" the picture to flag it as inappropriate. After doing so, the user was asked to "help take action by selecting additional photos to include with [the] report," and BAM! Fourteen of Zuckerberg's private photos miraculously appeared!

Admittedly, it's ironic that Zuckerberg himself got so easily hacked, especially given that he relentlessly defends the security features on Facebook. But it's far from the embarrassing situation that everyone's making it out to be. If anything, it's GOOD news for Facebook. Here's why:


Peruse through Zuckerberg's leaked photos, and you'll see a whole lot of, well, nothing. In one photo, the 27-year-old CEO is proudly displaying a chicken that he killed. In another, he's showing the same chicken, just cooked and fried to perfection, alongside some fries. There are others of him posing with friends, rubbing elbows with President Obama, and loving on longtime girlfriend Priscilla Chan.

Mark seems like a fun, lovable guy. A guy that, personally, I'd want to be friends with myself. Rather than making me worry about my own privacy, these leaked photos have me sitting here thinking about how I want to invite Zuckerberg over for Sunday dinner. I'm happy to know the guy running the website I spend loads of pointless hours on is down-to-earth and normal. Why that Mark Z., he's just like me!

Facebook has already remedied the issue, telling users that they've disabled the system, and will only relaunch it once they can confirm the bug's been fixed. In essence, the photo leak was the perfect "scandal": Not only were the leaked photos NOT damaging to Zuckerberg, but it gave him the opportunity to tell users he is on their side and wants to make the site safe for all. It sounds to me like this leak was a PR company's dream come true!

Ultimately, the privacy scare doesn't scare me. I'm not putting anything on the site that I'm not comfortable sharing with everyone, anyway. Not to mention, Facebook will always be too addicting for me to sign off for good.

Now, if there was only a glitch that would enable me to send Zuckerberg a private invitation for a couple's night out. Not to worry, Marky, you can bring the main course.

See more of Mark's photos from this morning's Today show, here:

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