Alec Baldwin Airplane Dispute Should Shame Other Entitled iPad Users

man playing words with friends Oh, Alec Baldwin! I like the guy, but every now and then, his anger management issues seem to peek out and send the media into a tailspin. This time, the premise of how he lost it revolves around something seemingly innocent ... He was playing the Scrabble-like game, "Words With Friends," on his iPad, while his American Airlines flight was parked at the gate. But the cabin door must have been closed, because a flight attendant asked him to stop and turn off his electronic device, and in turn, Baldwin flipped out and tweeted his distress. His argument was that the plane wasn't going anywhere at the moment, so why shouldn't he be able to wrack up an all-time high score with his three vowels and four consonants?!

Listen, I hate to be so harsh, but really ... it sounds like Baldwin is one of those people. You know, the ones who think they're above any law or rule, that they're entitled to use their iPads, iPhones, Kindle Fires, etc. wherever or whenever.


We've all seen them before ... the woman who thinks that holding her iPhone away from her while it's on speaker mode somehow makes it legal for her to talk on the phone while driving. Or the guy who is texting while trying to steer his car with his forearms. The idiot date who thinks it's fine for him to put his BlackBerry on the table during a first date. OMG, and the people who REFUSE to put their bright-ass smartphone screens away during a movie! (What the hell do you have to Google at this very moment?? Is that text so damn important right now? You're destroying my suspension of disbelief!!)

These ridiculous, annoying people seem to think that because they're addicted to checking email or texting their significant other or playing a game, everyone else should suffer as a result. I'm sure Alec wasn't directly bothering anyone by playing "Words With Friends," but everyone is required to turn off their electronic devices at a certain point during a flight, and he is no exception. By getting in a big huff about having to follow a rule in this case, Alec only wasted the American Airlines' attendant's and other passengers' time. The bottom-line is that there simply are instances where it's not acceptable to be using your phone or tablet, and when self-involved, inconsiderate folks start understanding that, it will be a better world for us all. 

Does it drive you nuts when people act extremely entitled to use their smartphones or tablets at inappropriate times? What's the worst example you've seen of someone doing this?

Image via Incase/Flickr

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